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We Are The Future

by Raizer

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dharmalogos thumbnail
dharmalogos Great mix of synths and drum machines with metal guitars and vocals. This album rocks hard and has some of the fattest drum sounds I've ever heard.
RRiptyde thumbnail
RRiptyde Spend enough time on Bandcamp and sometimes you find a diamond in the rough. Raizer debuts with a killer album, featuring the track "A.I." which has been stuck in my head on repeat since I threw money at it. Featuring soaring vocals and the perfect composition of brutality and melody this comes highly recommended. Favorite track: A.I..
Joanna thumbnail
Joanna Impressed by A.I. , a song from the album, I played it numerous times as it seems as a right tool to build the energy the world is in need now. Ordered the whole album. Favorite track: A.I..
Deed thumbnail
Deed I listened to A.I. when it first came out and I was unsure at first. However, after hearing the sampler, I preordered the Limited Edition CD and was pleasantly surprised. This is a great electronic rock album and I am excited to hear more from Raizer! Favorite track: Fall.
Jason Darklyte
Jason Darklyte thumbnail
Jason Darklyte Hardcore, punchy, melodic, and extremely apocalyptically rad-ass. This band is going to make it in the long run. Favorite track: Magic.
Dawn 04:49
Tonight, so bright I divide myself into black and white I try to survive Thoughts inside my mind turn up overdrive I can't wait until it's late I have to find my fate Life should be great I see how it must be My soul is free it just dawned on me I can reach a billion stars It's in my heart And I'll never count my years and hours It's time to start I'm not the same that was before It opened my mind I'm not sleep walking anymore i leave doubt behind I'll go, against the flow To know who is friend and who is foe Will I find, those who are not blind All doubts and fears we left behind We all break through heaven's wall We were born to fly and not to crawl We are right, it's time to reunite In everlasting shining light
Abduction 04:20
Ray of light from black infinity Step inside to the boundless serenity I have come for your virginity Can you feel rush of electricity Can you see my light of divinity Will you follow me, through eternity I'll take you away forever We'll fly through time and space It makes your flat life better Abduction by alien race Welcome to hell of technology To the live museum of cosmology I will teach you new theology You'll forget about lies and brutality About ignorance and formality I will give to you immortality
Magic 04:12
Close your eyes and follow my voice Take the first step Bare your feet I will catch you when you hide from me If you stop I'll push you down When you turn off the light Please don't say goodnight If you still feel magic of the love inside Give me everything you can Our story has begun And our music is around We'll swim across the night horizon Making out in the dreams Where we can enjoy without fuss And this world for two of us Show me what you want to see Shadows in the dark Drowning in your beauty I just need a spark Tell me what you want to hear in the silence of the space I see a smile on your face
The future has begun Take a look around We're going down Everybody, everyone It's time to Set your spirit free So you are what You want to be Open your eyes And answer me We are the future now Step out of line Live life given now It's our time We are the future now And we can't stay Freedom it is in our DNA The future has begun Everybody run Run around That's all they want To get some So live today like it's your last night Fight for your right Be strong inside We're a bright light That will never die
A.I. 04:26
You may not believe it's true, but we are doomed We start to dream in numbers, we got the night time blues Our bodies vanish from the Streets covered by our blood We're trapped in a web of wires That break our bodies down Suns collide we're hiding from the light Artificial intelligence killin' us Burning down our bridges in the light Artificial intelligence killin' us Switching off the timers, disappearing deep in me These dream realities are, releasing enemies We're going further deeper, deeper into the dark We're dying, falling over All of us one by one Skylight torn apart broken up in ecstasy Imitation freedom emulate love life
Fall 04:08
You have come from blood and pain Through the lows and highs Fall asleep to be born again With wide open eyes You fall - you rise You fall - you rise A million times From the ground to the skies You fall - you rise You fall - you rise A million tries Up from hell to paradise Time stops and everything waits for you Universe holding its breath Tonight it makes all your dreams come true It's all for you It's for you You will never fade away Like big city lights You'll be shining night and day 'Til you fall ' til you rise
It's gonna be a hard day I'm running from myself again Leaving my bloody steps behind me I'm breaking take me from the deep I'm sick of screaming in my sleep I'm running Nothing's gonna get me And every day I must survive While I breathe and still alive Now I fight against myself Snapped every nerve And got what I deserve Now I fight against myself When my life throws me a curve in spite of everything I've done I get up kicking everyone Not knowing why this pain's inside me I'm ripped in two I never sleep My darker self will never win It's fight time get ready to rumble
Lonely Star 03:10
I cross the line and there's no turning back now I am an omen, and I come for you I know you're a traitor and you break your main vow We all are punished and you will be too I'm a lonely star in the sky Which never sleep and never die I was born to remind and terrify When I shine day and night and I do now care dark or light You can never hide your sins from my sight Day and night I keep my eyes wide open Just cold and emptiness inside of me Wishes and dreams completely smashed and broken My final rise tonight will set me free
Storm 03:56
In my mind You can see how the stars collide And emotions are going wild Lose control and it feels alright That's in me Maybe this is so hard to see So I couldn't hold it back now My heartbeat never slowing down Every second i feel raging wind inside Even outside I keep calm The storm in my mind Who I am And I question myself again How I have come to feel this way Feelings are the hardest words to say I'm alive Now I can feel it in my heart All my troubles and fears depart Will to live tearing me apart If you really wanna feel the same Open you soul to the inner flame Now or never Now or never We could be with you together
Far Away 03:25
Someone at the edge of the world Walking in the night And she's thinking about me How I somewhere distant from it Drifting in daylight But we are still not together Far away where I've never been I am here to stay, there is no sin Far away where my soul is free Oh please release me When we'll meet with you like two Separated twins We can't overcome our attraction I know there's someone above We will spread our wings And we will be there together


We Are The Future, the debut album from Eastern European quartet Raizer, features 11 tracks of aggressive, electronic drum & bass, intense guitars, bombastic synths and melodically resonant vocals. The album’s dystopian sci-fi overtones is perfectly accompanied by lush production and immersive soundscapes.

Raizer signed to FiXT in 2015 after label-owner, Klayton (Celldweller), was impressed by a demo submission the band made via Soundcloud. Taking the project under his wing, Klayton paired the band with renowned producer/mixer Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil, Komor Kommando, Squarehead) to co-produce and mix the album.

Embracing FiXT’s expanding vision of electronic-rock, Raizer’s debut album is a tour de force of modern music production. To extend the album’s hook-driven vocal performances, a gamer- friendly instrumental version of the album will be available simultaneously upon release.

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released January 20, 2017

Raizer is: Anthony, Mike, Vlad, Andrew
All songs written by Anthony & Mike
Produced by Klayton & Sebastian Komor
Mixed by Sebastian Komor
Mastered by Maxim Zolotov


all rights reserved




The rise of Raizer begins in Eastern Europe, as four human-beings fight to survive the future apocalypse. The only weapon at their disposal – the electronic / rock music hybrid music they’ve created to push back the encroaching alien invasion and ignite the hearts and minds of the last remaining members of the human resistance. ... more

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