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Precious (Single)

by Raizer

Precious 04:48
I hate to watch you falling down You try to smile but hit the ground You never ever had the time To look around and see sublime Never wrong but never tried Just take my hand no need to hide We can't wait one minute more I'll pick you up off of the floor Right here right now Show that you still alive Let yourself out You're sleeping' inside Right here right now There is a place for us If you'll allow I'll save you my precious Shine with your light In a world full of colours You'll start new life All paths are yours tonight We will find a better way To fight again another day Even if you're in the twilight zone You are not, you're not alone I will always follow you Always there it is true We can't wait one minute more I'll pick you up off of the floor


Eastern European electronic-rock group Raizer is hard at work on new material, releasing singles until they drop their second full-length album, anticipated in 2019.

"Precious", Raizer’s newest single, swims in the desperate emotions of watching someone we love battle their inner pain and turmoil as we try to save them from themselves. The track combines heavy chugging guitars, electronic beats and intense vocals, juxtaposed with melodic synths and softer, emotive vocals.

"Right here right now, show that you’re still alive. Let yourself out, you're sleeping inside."


released February 5, 2019

Written by Anton Vladimirov
Published by FiXT Entertainment & Mixed Metaphor Music
Produced by Anton Vladimirov


all rights reserved




The rise of Raizer begins in Eastern Europe, as four human-beings fight to survive the future apocalypse. The only weapon at their disposal – the electronic / rock music hybrid music they’ve created to push back the encroaching alien invasion and ignite the hearts and minds of the last remaining members of the human resistance. ... more

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